The Romanesque church of S.Secondo of Cortazzone is located on Mongiglietto hill, about 1 km far from the village of Cortazzone. This church is the most interesting example of parish church with a medieval pattern still present in the area of Asti; its façade is characterized by some beautiful 17th century features, which make this church unique. 
The owners of Bricco dei Ciliegi Bed & Breakfast are glad to accompany their guests for a visit to the church, during which they will have the opportunity to discover all the history, architecture and charm of one of the most renowned and visitated italian Romanesque churches.
Castelnuovo Don Bosco - 11 Km
Asti - 16 Km
Abazzia di Vezzolano - 25 Km
Torino - 50 Km